Collect the WildkinsTM

Welcome to the Wilded FamilyTM. We have been busy in our burrows this winter putting together a cast of loveable characters for you to collect. Each purchase from will earn you loyalty points, which you can redeem for these collectable characters!

Why do we do what we do?

One of the questions on my heart has always been what do we hope for our community? I hope you know I see you all as family: that’s why I called my company Wilded Family. We are all one tribe, held together by common characteristics. A way of seeing the world and people that makes us unique.

So I want to share a set of characters that we’ve made for you. With every purchase from our website, we will gift you a number of ‘Wild tokens’ these are redeemable for a sweet Wildkin’s character.

You can collect One Wildkin with every 50 Wild tokens collected, there will be special events and fun happenings when you can get hold of them too!

If you are lucky enough to collect all the Wildkin’s you will get a special gift from me to you, that can’t be found outside of our family – and it’s stunning.

The Wildkins are found rooted in the four seasons, the four temperaments as well as in the colours, vibration and feeling of each characteristic.

  1. Faye
    Creative, Artist Bracket Fungus
  2. Marley
    Earth friend, Moss
  3. Noah
    Independent, Travellers Joy
  4. Quinn
    Individual, Snowdrop
  5. Arlo
    Extraordinary, Fly Agaric mushroom
  6. Freya
    Focused, King Alfred’s cake fungus
  1. Rex
    Guardian, Oak
  2. Bell and Pelle
    Progressive, Sycamore seeds
  3. Wyatt
    Inquisitive, ground ivy
  4. Vina
    Mindful, wood anemone
  5. Rae
    Kind Bluebells
  6. Dakota
    Peaceful, primrose
  1. Elias
  2. Atlas
  3. Holden
    Community minded
  4. Terra

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