Sustainable Living: Practical Tips for a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainable living isn’t just a buzz phrase or a trend—it’s a lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly necessary for the wellbeing of our planet. In the midst of climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation, the actions we take today, no matter how small, have a profound impact on the world we pass on to future generations. But the idea of pivoting to a sustainable lifestyle can be daunting, especially for parents and families with young children who are juggling so many responsibilities.

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting of a Spring Bulb

WednesdayWaldorfWisdom 🌳 For the 28th of February, let’s focus on the importance of creativity in children’s development. Waldorf education emphasizes hands-on, creative learning. So, this week, encourage your child to express their imagination freely. Whether it’s painting a springtime landscape, writing a story, or building a castle, allow them to explore their creative instincts. Remember, […]

Valentines Games!

Games play a crucial role in Early Years Education providing a unique way to engage young minds in learning! I love involving children in fun, hands-on experiences, games that foster an active learning environment! AND HAVE FUN! Games are great because as well as learning they also nurture social-emotional skills as children learn to take […]