Wilded Family

Children all over the world need opportunities for colourful and creative learning during their early years so that they can develop healthy minds, happy souls and lively bodies. Growing into lifelong learners and global citizens.
Wilded Family was founded to be a company that helped connect feelings, colour and art to early education: Nurturing a connection to nature throughout childhood.

We want to share the spirit of childhood, to ignite a passion for nature in children, to remind grown-ups that the outside is good for us.

We live out the idea that children learn deeply when they inhabit freedom, are surrounded by nature, can live unhurried and filled with wonder.

We are made to be colourful and joy-filled people, especially children! Wilded Family are fuel for the fire to those who want to ignite children’s innate passion for learning.


We believe that soulful thought translated into forms and colours can vivify home and we should all have art in our lives. We understand the importance of creating a home slowly, the need to think about the future, the urgency to become more aware of how our decisions have an impact on the world around us. Products we design are a balance of functional utility, spiritual function, artistic design, and sustainability.


We use materials from the earth because they are handled with care and do no harm. Everything we create can be returned to the earth or recycled.