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Inspiring Curiosity with Homeschool, Waldorf, and Unschooling

At Wilded Family, we believe that hands-on learning is the key to inspiring curiosity in children. We provide beautiful, sustainable products for homeschool, waldorf, and unschooling that are designed to help kids thrive without stress.

We love the earth.
10% of profits go to charity.
We are plastic free.

Learning and playing

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Hands-on Sustainable Learning for Homeschool, Waldorf & Unschooling.

Wilded Family is passionate about helping children learn without stress. Shop our range of educational toys and home decor including wooden manipulatives, workbooks, posters, and more to inspire curiosity in your Homeschool, Waldorf or Unschooling journey.

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Homeschool, Unschooling & Waldorf School Supplies & Wooden Toys.

Shop our carefully curated selection of homeschool, unschooling and Waldorf school supplies including wooden toys. Learn letters, numbers and science in a playful way while celebrating the changing seasons with seasonally themed items! Collect the Wildkins Tokens for free gifts!

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