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90 pages of Christmas activities to keep children busy. Writing, drawing and maths activities, poems to read, biscuits to bake and winter worlds to create. Puzzles and games and crafts. Mealtime blessings, morning and evening verses as well as beautiful original illustrations

Suitable for a range of ages from around 4/5 up to 10/12. There are blessings and poems which might be used for reading, singing, then writing. I would invite you to use the subjects as a springboard, themes to branch into other activities. This whole booklet is filled with the reflective inner energy of Winter time and the wonders in our warm homes and hearts.

As children work through this booklet, there are tasks to be undertaken without an adult; making a time for the grown ups to have a rest or get on with a task they need to do – and there are some to do together.

In our home our children will carry out self led work in the morning and then we’ll all come together to work on projects in the afternoon.

I hope you find this Children’s Activity Books useful and that these happy Christmas activities keep your children busy and entertained!

All my love
Steph Green
Wilded Family

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