Wilded Family DIY Weather Display – wonderful childrens craft


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Discover the Wonders of Weather with Wilded Family’s DIY Weather Display!

A great childrens craft for the summer holidays!


Just imagine, a little artist in your home creating their very own weather display. A moment of pure joy, a spark of curiosity, and a whole universe of learning – all packed into this delightful kit from Wilded Family.


Can you feel the excitement building?


This magical kit includes a 30cm diameter wooden wheel, just waiting to be adorned with your child’s imaginative artistry. Also included are whimsical cut-outs of the Sun, clouds, and thunder that your child can color using pencils, watercolours, or even adorn with paper and glue. A small extra wooden disc completes this kit.


Picture your little one observing the weather outside, capturing its essence on the wooden wheel. Or perhaps they’re using it as a vibrant display in their room, or in their small world play. The possibilities are truly as vast as the sky itself!


With every stroke of their pencil, every splash of their watercolour, your child is not just creating a beautiful piece of art, but also building a deeper understanding of the world around them. They’re recording the weather, observing patterns, and developing their creativity.


Isn’t it amazing how much learning can come from play?


At Wilded Family, we believe in the power of imagination to ignite learning. We design our products with love, knowing that each one is a stepping stone in your child’s journey of exploration and discovery.


So why wait? Let your child dive into the world of weather with Wilded Family’s DIY Weather Display. It’s not just a craft kit, it’s a gateway to a world of wonder and knowledge.


Because at Wilded Family, we know – when imagination takes flight, learning ignites.



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