Wilded Family Dolls House

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This stunning wooden dolls house is perfect for small world play. Children problem solve, work through emotions and learn dexterity all through play, as well as numerous other benefits. Our little home is designed in two parts easily folding flat to be stored away. Taking this dolls house on holiday is super easy, just popping the flat parts in a bag or suitcase. The house is open sided to encourage  wide, open ended adventures. The inner house has the full colour wheel so children can play in parts that correspond to how they (or their characters) are feeling, but without any limit to the adventure or imagination. Outside to the front a small path and the iconic artwork of Stephanie Green can be enjoyed. The flowers tumbling forward and the butterflies and birds fluttering, reminding us of the beautiful natural world. Children deserve to play with art, to have toys to spark the imagination and to have companies work mindfully of the environment.
296x 190mm (at its widest) x 9mm – Made on 9mm uncoated PEFC plywood, using inks with no VOCs, Formaldehyde free, no heavy metals. The wood, paper packing and mental fixings are each recyclable.  100% plastic free. Packing is made of recycled cardboard.  Made in GB
All images and designs © Stephanie Green 2000 – 2023


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