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Spring Waldorf Window Transparencies.

I first discovered this concept of transparent window scenes at the Bristol Steiner School. Our parent and child-teacher would often echo the story in the window display. It has delighted my children (and me) over the years to make all sorts of displays. Through lockdown, we also made some glass windows which were just wonderful […]

January with Iona Lobban, off grid homeschooling.

A warm welcome to everyone from a very cold and snowy Scottish woodland. As a new year has begun we embrace the fresh start but the weather reminds us that we are still in the deepest of winter. Days are short and nights are long and chilly, many of the animals on our wood are […]

February Reflections

Cold fingers Cold toes Pink sky, Pink nose, Hard ground, Bare trees, Branches crack, Puddles freeze, Frost white, Sun red, Warm room, Warm bed. – Shirley Hughes February has arrived and already we can feel ourselves being called towards the start of spring. Such a rich time for awe, wonder, creativity, and interest in the […]

January Reflections: Lets get crafty

“King Winter is now in the land He reigns with cold and freezing hand. He makes Jack Frost touch nose and toe, and brings us bright and shiny snow.” We have found poems and verses – a rich activity to share together as a family is to follow the seasons of the year. But not […]

Get crafty this October

For Children autumn is a magical season. In the UK, we return from bright expanse of summer to school days and routine. Cooler days, trees changing colour and jumpers coming out for the first time. The season is filled with bounty and anticipation. Get crafty this October by celebrating Michaelmas, lantern walks and Halloween all […]

Twelve affirmations for the soul – October song

October song. Twelve affirmations for the soul

This is the first of Wilded Family’s monthly themed songs – Twelve affirmations for the soul. Inspired by the energy of the seasons, these songs are a wonderful way for children, adults and teachers to experience the rhythm of sound. Use this song to meditate, reflect or in circle time to bring the feeling of […]

Rabbit finger puppet, animal finger puppets printable

These little finger puppets are a great hand work project for older children or a wonderful one for adults to make and use in storytelling with younger children. Equipment 2 colours of felt, one white sheet at least 8.5cm x 10cm One bright spring colour at least 8.5cm x 10cm Thread White wool (for the […]

5 practical ways to avoid having a non commercial Christmas

Many of us feel overwhelmed and disappointed by the commercialism of Christmas: it can help to think about what you want Christmas to mean for your family?The mood in our house, in the build up to Christmas, is one of stillness and peace, an intake of breath and joyful expectation, a pause before the breath […]