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Valentines Games!

Games play a crucial role in Early Years Education providing a unique way to engage young minds in learning! I love involving children in fun, hands-on experiences, games that foster an active learning environment! AND HAVE FUN! Games are great because as well as learning they also nurture social-emotional skills as children learn to take […]

The Promise of the Year of the Dragon: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Free Postcard below ::: As the winter air still nips and twinkles with frosty diamonds, a wave of warmth is about to embrace us with the arrival of the Lunar New Year. The Chinese New Year of 2024 ushers in not just any ordinary year, but the majestic Year of the Dragon! 🐲Amidst glowing lanterns […]

Spring Waldorf Window Transparencies.

I first discovered this concept of transparent window scenes at the Bristol Steiner School. Our parent and child-teacher would often echo the story in the window display. It has delighted my children (and me) over the years to make all sorts of displays. Through lockdown, we also made some glass windows which were just wonderful […]

January with Iona Lobban, off grid homeschooling.

A warm welcome to everyone from a very cold and snowy Scottish woodland. As a new year has begun we embrace the fresh start but the weather reminds us that we are still in the deepest of winter. Days are short and nights are long and chilly, many of the animals on our wood are […]

A Mindful Advent Journey: Nurturing the Spirit of Children

As we embark on this sacred time of year, we invite you to join us on a mindful Advent journey. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of Advent for children’s spiritual development, drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Waldorf Steiner education. Advent is more than just a countdown to Christmas; it is […]

Personalizing Learning Plans: The Power of Individualized Education

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.“ (Dr. Seuss) Hello dear parents and educators! I’ve been fortunate to witness firsthand how personalized learning plans can truly transform a child’s learning journey. As we all know, children are not one-size-fits-all learners. Their curiosity, creativity, […]