Learn About the Moon’s Role in Nature and the Environment


Wilded Moon Poster

Let our Wilded Moon Poster help you observe the moon and its phases. Our poster is designed to be a part of your nature table, making it easy to learn about the moon and its effects on our environment. Follow the moon’s cycle with our poster, and learn how the moon affects us and our surroundings.


The Perpetual Moon Calendar

The Perpetual Moon Calendar allows you to track the moon’s cycle with ease. With our calendar, you can easily keep track of the moon’s phases and when it’s full or new. This helps you understand the role of the moon in nature and the environment.


The Moon Cycles Board and E-Book

This exclusive bundle includes a ** page e-book about the moon’s cycles and its role in nature. Our Moon Cycles Board also comes with this bundle, which helps you understand and identify the various stages of the moon’s cycle. With this bundle, you can learn about the moon and its effects on our environment in an interactive and educational way.

Key Features + Benefits Section


  1. Comprehensive coverage of education tools and angelic formation
  2. Step-by-step guide on creating stunning nature displays
  3. Money-saving bundle with a variety of resources



  1. Gain a well-rounded understanding of various education tools and techniques, allowing for more effective teaching
  2. Create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere for learning with engaging nature displays that encourage exploration and interaction
  3. Save money by purchasing a bundle of resources that would otherwise cost more if bought individually. With this bundle, educators can achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

Potential Social Proof Section

I have been using the Wilded Family products for a few months now and they have quickly become some of my favourite things. The products are great engaging learning tools, but they are also beautiful and sustainable. I love that the company is ethical and that the children love the tools and constantly spot little details. The products have really made our house beautiful.

Final CTA Section

“Explore the Wilded Moon Bundle: Save Money, Engage Kids & Learn!”