Valentines Games!

Games play a crucial role in Early Years Education providing a unique way to engage young minds in learning! I love involving children in fun, hands-on experiences, games that foster an active learning environment! AND HAVE FUN! Games are great because as well as learning they also nurture social-emotional skills as children learn to take turns, navigate conflicts, and collaborate with peers.

So here are some Valentines themed games (poems and rhymes are one way to help boost early maths skills) for you.

Here is a lovely finger game:

Valentines, valentines, red and blue

One for father, strong and kind, (hold up thumb)

One for mother, always on my mind. (pointer finger)

One for grandma, full of wisdom and grace, (middle finger)

One for sister, a friend in every place. (ring finger)

One for brother, with a bond we’ll never sever, (little finger)

Together we stand, a family forever.

Five beautiful valentines, (wiggle fingers)

Each with a special message,

(count on other hand)

One for friendship, (hold up thumb)

One for joy and mirth, (pointer finger)

One for love, (middle finger)

One for peace on Earth, (ring finger)

One for tender care and worth. (little finger)

Five wonderful people, all filled with love (wiggle fingers)

Five wonderful messages fly like a dove (join hands and wiggle fingers)

Ten wonderful things to make my heart sing

this one is for you with a special zing. (make a heart shape with thumbs and pointer fingers)

And here is a great skipping rhyme:

Red hearts, white hearts, Pink hearts, too.

I like purple hearts. How about you?

Green hearts, yellow hearts, Blue hearts, too.

I like rainbow hearts. How about you?