Shrove Tuesday – Pancake day Receipes!

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We are looking towards Shrove Tuesday – known as Pancake day which is happening next Tuesday (13 Feb 2024)

In Christian traditions, the 40 days before Easter are known as Lent, a time of reflection and fasting. On Shrove Tuesday all the leftover eggs, butter and stocks of fat would be used up so they wouldn’t tempt the household over lent. A simple tradition that little ones love is making your own pancakes, even better if they get to attempt the flipping of the pancakes! One our website we’ve got a few different receipes to try. I would totally encorage you to get pancake flipping with the kids, its such fun.

We now also do a pancake race with the kids where they have to run a lap, flip a pancake, sometimes balance an egg! Its a riot and has made a bit more of a day out of it for us!