Free Lenten Calendar

Welcoming Lent! Lent is a time which is difficult for many; an intensification of darkness, which is experienced before the relief of the rebirth of the Sun in Spring. This period of seven weeks is punctuated by little festivals which inject an element of fun and light heartedness into our hearts. PANCAKE DAY, CARNIVAL, VALENTINE’S DAY, MOTHERING SUNDAY AND PALM SUNDAY all lead towards the renewal and affirmation of life which Easter celebrates.
Christians observing Lent begin on Ash Wednesday and for six weeks (or seven depending on the date of Easter) – is a time of emptying, ready for the rebirth of nature, soul and mankind at Easter.
During this period, many Christians commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries. The 40-day period reflects the biblical accounts of the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert, where, according to the Gospels, he endured temptation by Satan. The practices of Lent are aimed at spiritual purification and growth, mirroring the tribulation and resilience of Jesus in the wilderness.

A lovely way young families can engage with Lent is a ‘Lenten calendar’. I’ve made one for you to enjoy for free- you can download it here This is a tangible, interactive way for children to understand the journey of Lent. Each day, children can perform small acts of kindness, charity, or sacrifice and mark it on the calendar. These acts could range from helping a sibling with chores, donating old toys, or spending some quiet time in prayer/meditation.
By the time Easter comes, the completed calendar serves as a beautiful reminder of the Lenten journey and the virtues of love, generosity, and forgiveness it encourages.

How to use this Free Lenten calendar

Download and print the Lenten calendar. Each day – follow a prompt. When you have done the prompt colour it in. Each day mark the steps on the path towards day forty. Some are fun tasks, some reflections and questions. The idea is for us to bring our attention towards love. I hope you love it.