Introducing Iona Lobban, Crofter Girl

Hello, I’m crofter girl, sending you much love from our off grid cabin in a wild Scottish wood. I’m delighted to be able to share with you how we use resources from the Wilded Family in our home education journey. 

Together with my husband and our children, we live completely off grid on a scottish croft. Our home education journey began eight years ago, we learn mostly outdoors, following the seasons, crafts and nature. It’s all about self lead child learning in our family because that’s what works best for us.  I wouldn’t say we have ever fitted into a particular style (or wanted to) but the closest I can relate to is a Steiner home and a very close connection with nature.

Not only is our croft a place where we strive to create a sustainable livelihood, but it’s also our families most precious resource, this is where we home educate our children, every single day; their ears know the sounds of the forest, they grow as the trees grow, they watch, they learn, this is their classroom, as it is ours also.

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing our adventures and showing you how we use the beautiful Wilded Family’s resources in our everyday life. Before now I had found it hard to get educational resources that were appealing to our children, but they are all very drawn to the resources from the Wilded Family. I think it’s the soft colours, tactile materials and meaningful drawings that create a powerful connection with our children.