Spring Waldorf Window Transparencies.

I first discovered this concept of transparent window scenes at the Bristol Steiner School. Our parent and child-teacher would often echo the story in the window display. It has delighted my children (and me) over the years to make all sorts of displays. Through lockdown, we also made some glass windows which were just wonderful as well. the way the light dances with the colours is just magical.

It’s a wonderful creative process, and little slips can be amended by nicely placing the paper at the end. My children love cutting out shapes and layering the images. It’s wonderful work for developing fine motor skills. 

I hope you like this design and that you feel inspired to create your own.

To create a beautiful Snowdrop Window Transparency, follow the steps below:

Gather your materials. You will need a sheet of black cardstock, tissue paper in shades of green and white, a pencil, scissors, and craft glue.

Draw a simple snowdrop design on the coloured tissue. Draw a frame on the black card stock. You can follow this design or make a new one. When I’m creating designs I go out into the garden and look at the flower I want to see in the window, nothing like holding that image in your mind’s eye as you work!

Cut out all the pieces.

With the white tissue or tracing paper as your main window glue the pieces on top. Lastly, glue the frame around the edge.  (I’d apply a really thin layer of craft glue to the tissue and try to be careful when placing it as it can tear easily.) Ensure the tissue paper is fully adhered to and smooth out any wrinkles.

Let the glue dry completely.

Once dry, hang your snowdrop window transparency in a window where the light can shine through, bringing your creation to life.

Remember, the wonder of this project lies in its simplicity and the joy it can bring, especially during the winter months when snowdrops signal the coming of spring. Happy crafting!