Craft with beeswax candles for Candlemas

Craft with Beeswax Candles for Candlemas

Hello, my lovely Wilded Family! It’s Stephanie Green here, ready to guide our little hands and big hearts through another delightful, magical craft. Today, we are going to dress up our beeswax candles for Candlemas, bringing the light of love into our homes and hearts.

So, gather round, my little Waldorf wonders. Here’s what you’re going to need:

  1. A beeswax candle.
  2. Or BeesWax sheet
  3. Beeswax in your favourite colours.
  4. A hot water bottle.
  5. Teatowel
  6. Optional Candlestick Holder!

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by adding hot water to the hot water bottle. We are going to put our wax on top the the teatowl and the teatowel (and wax) on top of the hot water bottle. This way when you are modelling the wax is a bit easier to use. Remember, Candlemas is all about the return of the light, so think bright, sunny colours! I leave it between 5-10mins before the children come to it. Its great to have them work hard to get the wax going but this time of year if the wax starts really cold it can end up a bit too much for little hands – use your judgement and don’t make it too easy getting the wax moving it part of the fun!
  2. If you are decorating a ready made candle then all you need to do now is add your wax to the candle. It sticks as it dries! If your rolling a beeswax candle from a sheet then step 3 is for you.
  3. Lay out the bees wax sheet. Add a wick to the centre. have it pop up by about 1cm from the top so you can light it. Begin the roll by folding a tiny bit just over the wick. you will probably need to work along the lenght of the candle. Then place two hands on the edge of the candle (where you have begun to roll) and push fowards. Hopefully the wax will begin to roll over and over the wick forming a candle shape. If thei doesnt happen do a second finger rolling along the lenght then try again.
  4. You can decorate with any pattern you like – it could be the sun, a flower, or a heart, lines or dots! Anything that represents light and warmth to you. Remember, there’s no wrong way to do this. It’s your candle, and your light to shine.
  5. Let your beautiful creation dry completely before you light it.

Now, we can’t complete our craft without a little verse to light our hearts. So here’s a short Candlemas prayer for you to say as we light our candles:

As we light our Candlemas flame,

We call forth joy, and Springs domain.

Winter’s cold begins to wane,

As the light returns again.

You can download this verse as a postcard – here or scroll down and right click “save as” the image.

Remember, my lovely Wilded Family, we create not just with our hands but with our hearts. So, let’s fill our homes with the light of love this Candlemas. Happy crafting!