Winter Pinecone Bird Feeder: A Waldorf-Inspired Craft for Homeschoolers

This winter, transform natural materials into something enchanting with our DIY Pinecone Bird Feeder, a delightful winter craft project for Waldorf homeschoolers. This activity encourages children to engage with nature, while also fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Materials Needed:

  • Pinecones (gathered from a woodland walk)
  • Natural peanut butter (free from additives)
  • Birdseed mix
  • Twine or recycled ribbon
  • A mixing bowl and spoon
  • A tray or large plate


  1. First, take a brisk winter walk with your children in your nearest woods and collect some sizeable, open pinecones.
  2. Once home, tie a piece of twine around the top of each pinecone, ensuring it’s secure for hanging later.
  3. In a bowl, mix the birdseed with enough peanut butter to make it sticky. This is a great sensory experience for the kids!
  4. Lay out your plate or tray and roll each pinecone in the peanut butter and seed mix, ensuring they’re well coated.
  5. Hang your finished bird feeders on trees visible from your home.

Not only will this activity captivate your children, but it will also serve as a lifeline for our feathered friends during the cold winter months. Watch together as a variety of birds visit your homemade feeders, and use this opportunity to learn about different bird species. This craft is a beautiful way to blend creativity, nature, and education – the Waldorf way.