Embrace Seasonal Living with Our Natural Home Decor and Inspiration

Embrace Seasonal Living with Our Natural Home Decor and Inspiration

Summer is in full swing and the warm weather is calling us outdoors to enjoy all that nature has to offer. As we take in the beauty around us, it’s important to have a special place to display our treasures and connect with the changing seasons. That’s why we’re so excited to share our stunning nature table set with you.

This set is perfect for busy families and provides a seasonal focal point in any home. The slim dimensions allow it to be placed comfortably on a window sill or mantel, making it a versatile addition to any space. The set comes with one base and four seasonal pictures, each featuring original art illustrations reproduced from Stephanie Greens’ wonderful watercolour paintings. The focus is on life around an old oak tree, with each panel showcasing the flora and fauna of the season, including fun and whimsical fairies. It’s a richly nourishing addition to your home decor and perfect for summer.

But that’s not all we have to offer. Our boxed set of 52 cards is designed to nurture seasonal living and create time for reflection and gratitude in our busy lives. Each card features a beautiful veil painting, illustration, and affirmation that reflects the energy and feeling of that week, helping you lean into the joys and wonders of the year. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s ‘The Calendar of the Soul’, Stephanie Green spent 12 months creating these paintings and words in reflection and meditation. The result is a collection of nourishing artworks and verses that will enrich your life. If you’d like an audio accompaniment, Julia Disney lends her enchanting voice to the supporting CD ‘A Wilded Year; 12 Seasonal Affirmations’.

We’re also excited to share our magical guide to help you explore the deep joy of connecting with seasonal festivals. From artist and mother, Stephanie Green, comes this beautiful book filled with paintings, poems, craft ideas, and reflections on seasons and festivals. We invite you to take a journey through our wild year in the pages of this book, designed to give readers an uplifting window into this nourishing journey.

As we move into a slower month, we hope you’ll take the time to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Whether it’s swimming, picnics, or simply enjoying the sunset while reading outside, we hope you’ll take a moment to connect with the changing seasons and the beauty around us. And don’t forget to check out our shop and blog for more inspiration and seasonal living ideas. We pray blessings on your summer, dear friend. 🌞