5 ways to bring nature into your busy modern home

Today, with our hectic modern lives, it can be all too tempting to disconnect ourselves from nature and the outdoors completely – but that’s not something we should aspire to! The beauty of nature is that you don’t have to travel far or even leave your home in order to benefit from its calming presence. Take a look at these five easy suggestions for how you can bring a little bit of the outdoors into your busy home; treasure time spent with family in natural settings, create tiny pockets of green amongst modern everyday items, or simply remember to take regular pleasure breaks away from technology and out into the open air. After all, why miss out on one of life’s most rewarding elements just because we live in an era where demands on our time seem endless? Let’s keep what makes us feel alive close by so that no matter how much craziness life throws at us, we can still enjoy moments surrounded by natural wonders each day. 1. Recognize the changing of seasons – a bunch of flowers It’s so simple but get something seasonal on the table. Don’t buy imported out-of-season flowers from the supermarket there is no good for the planet, but a few sprigs of anything from buds to daffodils bring the season into our daily world. Especially if you eat at the table, how wonderful to daydream about the season as you enjoy tea together! 2. Celebrate a festival – local church or school group Find a festival to join in with. Local churches with celebrate something at each point the wheel changes but there are lots of other groups who will be putting on a harvest festival or a maypole celebration, have a look in the local paper and go join in something seasonal, if you make it an annual event the children will soon remember what the season looks and feels like, this helps provide a strong foundation and wonderfully rich childhood memories. 3. Nature Table – buy one, build one, create a space We have some great tools and blogs on making a nature table space, they are great as a place for little ones put their treasures from outside and they are a touchstone to our connection. 4. Journal – work inwardly Think about the season and write out how you are feeling. This doesn’t have to be long, grab a cuppa and a notebook. You can start with the practical, cold, hot, energetic or sluggish – take a few minutes to think about how the season is making you feel inside. If you begin by observation you will quickly see how we are still so affected by our environment. 5. Walk Take some time outside. Instead of driving to the shops for the tea you ran out of, go for a walk, if you can take a root through the park, the woods, by the hedge then great. Have your eye open on the walk. Don’t put in your eye phones. Listen out for the birds. Even in the city nature is there for you to notice. We have gone through the 5 ways that we can bring nature into our busy, modern lives. From bringing plants indoors to getting creative with a nature table, flooding our space with nature will have tremendous impacts on our physical, emotional and mental health. It is a beautiful way to break the monotony of our daily routines and remind ourselves how wonderful it is to be alive. Nature can fill us with wonder and awe and drive us closer to each other as well as precious moments of transcendent joy. Take some time today to reflect on what you can add to your living space that will make it just a bit more natural and see for yourself what effect that has on your life! Plus if you want to make it easy look around at our products to see how they can help. Sure, having a home full of natural components might not be the most important item on your list but introducing a little bit here and there can work wonders in making your home feel much more comfortable than before. Let’s embrace the beauty of Mother Nature! Let’s incorporate her often!