Spring Equinox – March 20th

On March 20 at 5:24 P.M EDT, the world celebrates one of its most majestic moments! Spring equinox is here and we all bask in balance as the sun sits over Earth’s equator heading northward. At this magical moment, both hemispheres are gifted with equal amounts of sunlight allowing us to experience a deep sense of equality between night and day.

I ask myself what is out of balance in my life. What needs to reach equilibrium in me?

The wheel of the year turns once more as the equinox arrives. We reach balance between light and darkness, around the 20th. Ostara represents the first day of spring. Mother Earth awakens from her winters sleep and new life springs forth once more. We are surrounded by the energy of renewal and rebirth, transformation and healing.

The work of creation gives us a beautiful framework to lean into and a rhythm of energetically breathing in and out over the year. Every season brings a unique twist to our celebrations! Our festivals are inspired by Christian tradition, but we honor them in an enchanting way that speaks to the core of all humanity.

Decorated eggs celebrate the life and joy of this time of year and children look forward with joy and anticipation to the same activities and traditions.

Some celebrations take place out-of-doors among nature’s beauty under twinkling stars – adding even more charm and magic while lighting a camp fire, sharing stories, songs, sharing delicious food with family and friends. I love celebrating the turning of the wheel as our natural world serve to reminder me of why life is so incredibly precious every day!