Mothering Sunday – 19th March

On the 19th March the UK will be celebrating mothers, all kinds of mother’s including mother earth.

Mother Earth, Mother Earth. take our seed and give it birth. Father Sun, gleam and glow. until the roots begin to grow.

As the seasons change, so too does our celebration! We look forward to each festival with much anticipation. Out of doors in the woods we come together to mark these occasions – decorating, feasting and singing; stories passed down from one generation to another.

In my community we celebrate out of a shared Christian tradition – we act broadly from, with and through our shared humanity.

I believe embracing and celebrating in community is critical for our children, to understand different perspectives, to be rooted in celebration, tradition and as well as surronded joyfilled with our fellow humans.

So this tradition of Mother’s Day in the UK is, for me, not an empty commercial, buy a card and have done with it type day. Its a rich chance to join and give thanks and share a day in hope and love.
Known in the UK as Mothering Sunday the festival had roots outside its current festivities, to give workers a day or to go home to their mother church.

Whilst it began with a religious purpose originally, modern celebrations on this day now include baking cakes and enjoying a shared meals – all meaningful ways we can honour those who are close to us. At our mother Church we share out a bit of choc and a few gifts for all those in a caring role.

I hope there is a beautiful way to join in for you and your community.