How To Make Ribbon Wands

Stick, willow for twisting, dowel or just any stick.

Jump ring


Choose your stick. Of course, you can pop to the shop and buy a dowel if you like, or you can use a found wooden stick (so long as it is strong: to test strength get the children to try breaking their stick over their knee).

Once you have a stick have the children sand it smooth. With older children they could whittle the stick too or twist willow into a hoop.

If you are working with a little one or have a small window of time you can simply tie the ribbon on now. Children are delighted with the swooshing they can do! Cut your ribbons to at least double the length of the stick, tie onto the hook at the midpoint so the ribbon falls equally. Add as many ribbons as you would like.

If you are looking for more or making a gift add an eye hook to the top of the stick. To start the eye hood you might need to drill a small pilot hole, or simply start it off by pressing hard, the children can then turn the hook until fully in. You can also add a jump ring and bell if you like.

When it is all finished take that wand out to the garden, park, woods and make some magic!Don’t forget to collect any leaves, flowers and other nature items you find and then add them to your Wilded Family nature table at home.

Link to the Nature Table:

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