December Craft Decorations

There are so many wonderful craft opportunities for Christmas to choose from. One of our favourites is making Christmas ornaments from playdough. What you will need:   For the play dough: 130g of plain flour 70g warm water 40g fine sea salt 30g vegetable oil Food colourings of your choice.   Equipment:   Mixing bowl Jug or glass Skewer or knitting needle   For the decoration: Christmassy biscuit cutters Christmassy ribbon Glitter   What to do: Put the flour and salt into a bowl. Mix it through with your fingers – children love this bit as they imagine falling snow. Pour the water and the vegetable oil into a jug or glass. Add the food colouring of your choice to the water and oil. Now for the fun bit … pour this mixture into the flour and start mixing with your fingers. Gradually all the powdery flour from around the edge will pull together into a squishy doughy ball in the middle of the bowl. NB: if your mixture seems a tad dry or wet just add a little water or flour accordingly. Place your ball on the work surface and knead it until all the colour is mixed in well. Once made, it can be put into a jiffy or sandwich bag or even cling film and put in the fridge where they will last a goodly while. Then you can make some other colours. When the children are ready to make their decorations, roll each ball flat with a rolling pin. Next, take your Christmas shape cutters and cut as many different shapes as you want to make. Using a skewer or knitting needle, poke a hole near the top of each one – you’ll need this to add the string so you can hang them. Sprinkle each with biodegradable glitter. Place them onto some wax paper and then bake them on the oven on a low heat for one hour. After they have cooled, thread a little Christmassy ribbon through the hole and tie it. Now they can be stored ready to add to your tree or branch. We love their colours and how the glitter sparkles in the winter sun! (you can also felt little decorations too!) All our love Helen