Apple Day

This year, as we welcome Autumn with open arms, we watch the leaves change as all their beauty is revealed once again, and we can’t help but feel excited for what’s ahead! We’ve just finished our main harvest at home. Grapes and Apples on the same day! Our very own family tradition celebrates Green Family Apple Day here at our little cottage – where every Autumn we harvest full ripe apples, some waiting to be eaten, others to be made into something special from our three trees in our little orchard (we have small orchard of damsons, plums, apples and pears- one of the trees is older and taller than the cottage!) We make cider, pies, crumbles and chutney and the house fills with the wonderful smell of Autumn! Here on our ‘tiny holding’ apple day is a beautiful experience; bringing together family members under one roof while they help me crop apples by hand feels exactly like what autumn should look like!








As I sit at my desk, surrounded by the fruits of our labour – I reflect on how far we have come. My children were all raised here in this beautiful place with its countless opportunities for them to explore the natural world and connect with nature. They grew up helping harvest what others had grown. This year our oldest took her first turn fully working the (homemade) scratting and press, she was great at it! We all delighted in crushing those juicy grapes together!  And of course, by Sunday we reached the tired and happy crescendo.








I hope you have a wonderful harvest and are remain optimistic and hopeful even in these times of great change.