Top picks for bringing nature into the home

Nature is all around us, but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Read on to find out our top picks for bringing nature into the home.

A place for nature at home

Worldwide, we are living in a civilization that has grown faster than the natural world. Our planet’s resources and wildlife continue to decline on average each year – in some locations like mountain gorillas (the CDC reports only 801 remaining) or polar bears (their numbers dropped by nearly 40% between 2007 and 2013). With this environmental crisis comes an increased sense of urgency around how humans can reconnect with nature.

Eco psychology shows how immersion in nature can benefit our health. Research has shown exposure to natural environments reduce stress and promote healing. We are now seeing doctors and governments consider our human/nature interdependency when future planning.

Humans crave connection with the earth. That’s why I built Wilded Family, to be a stepping stone for reconnection — art with purpose!

Connecting to Wellness

Wellness is all around us, of course you can invest in our beautiful products, to dive deep into connection. We have great tools to strengthen calm family rhythms and bring wellness rooted in nature. … but equally there are some great free ways to bring nature’s rhythm home.

Here are our top picks for bringing nature rhythm into your home

What about a nature table in the home?

A nature table is often the focal point of a Waldorf kindergarten classroom, with the scene on the table directly related to the day’s activities. You can set up a nature table in the home really easily.

We use a mantelpiece in the dining room. The children call it mummy’s special shelf. On here goes our collection of seasonal items, nature finds, handmade treasures, hanging woollen fairies; changing with the seasons, but a few things are always in the mix:

  1. A postcard. This can change almost every week to reflect what we are doing—harvesting apples, splashing in puddles, playing out.
  2. A coloured cloth. I found for us using a cloth on our dining table wasn’t working, so I moved it into the display—this softens the edges and brings in a burst of seasonal colour.
  3. Natural finds. Every time the children give me one of those “something special’s” it goes here; the wonderful part is the clearing out, which is easy to do at each turning of the wheel, reminding us constantly to clear out what no longer serves us.

Bring nature into the home by displaying your natural finds

This is some nettle weaving we did – not looking pretty, but a great example of the ‘treasures’ we display!

Using the dining table

Summer Wheel on a table

We use our dining table to spark conversation and direct our thoughts back to nature. Sometimes (often) it’s not pretty – or insta worthy… but we have a hand-picked bunch of flowers and the wheel of the year. The Wheel of the Year is a focal point for the family, a touchstone for our day. It reminds us that we are in the middle of a symphony being played out around us. The tune of the season is always there when we begin to listen. You could add a cloth or keep it simple with a bunch of flowers or even twigs with bursting buds. For children in particular, it doesn’t need to look like a glossy magazine. They will be in awe of the natural world, not our interior skills! Use the table as an invitation to step into thoughtfulness and connection.

Bring nature into the home with flowers


We have no product that can help you take time to notice. But look down and up and all around on walks, even if your walk is from the house to the car. Nature is persistent, and she is waiting right there when we take the time to see.

Nature is waiting right there when we take the time to see.

Affirmations, postcards and love notes to yourself

We travel through life together as a family, finding rhythms and ways of learning, celebrating and living that resonate with us. We don’t want our children to become numb to the cycles of life. The mindful week tools are helpful to focus living the best version of each day that you can. We have the poster in our kitchen. It’s not glam, but it’s very functional. Our affirmations deck and CD help children tune in a give thanks in a hectic, often negatively charged world. There are ways that we can enrich our daily lives and step towards mindful living with small tokens. To nurture nature’s comforting rhythms.

So what about writing some love notes to yourself? You can use this blank square below (just right click and save as) as a background if you would like – you can write little happy thoughts and put them around the home.

Blank Affirmation Postcard