How to Make A Felt Doll

DIY Posable Felt Doll


  • Felt Three or four colours (peach, brown and pink)
  • Needle and thread
  • Florists wire


  1. Cut two dress shape, one head shape and two hair shapes (one for the front – like a fringe and the other for the back). You can download the PDF cutting shapes here
  2. Cut a length of wire 30cm long. Twist in half, so now you have one piece 15cm long. That will be the arms. Cut a second and third piece, also 30cm each. Fold them over the 15cm arm piece at the halfway point. Twist them to form two legs. Folded the 15cm piece over one final time so they do all move about too much. Don’t worry too much about this as all of these wires will be inside the doll. With a forth and final piece cut to 30cm, twisted together to create the 15cm length we are going to make the neck and head. Make a loop with your fingers of the size you want the head to be. It must fit inside the felt shape you have made for the head. Twist the loop at the bottom to form a neck. Twist that shape on the arms and torso which you made. (There’s an illustration on the next page of the finished shape)
  3. With the head shape. Position the fringe and sew in place. Sew the head (with fringe) on to the top of the dress piece.  Now add the large(back) hair piece and sew just the top in place.
  4. With the first dress shape, lay it down on a flat surface. Add the wire frame on top. Now sandwich it in with the top dress piece. Blanket sew around the dress, leave it open at the neck.
  5. When you get to the neck add the head assembly, pushing the neck into the little dress sandwich you made. Securely sew the neck onto the front dress piece.
  6. Continue to blanket sew around any open edges.

Below is a little felt doll my daughter invented, and the photo is all her own independent work. I think it’s just because she can sit up, bend over, drink tea and get up to all-sorts of adventures.

Felt Doll Created by Stephanie Green's Child