Nature Literacy – Rethinking How We Teach Science

New research in nature literacy

Researchers have found nature literacy based cross curricular study created better results in children in reading, writing and science.

Presenting the children in different mainstream settings with an animal nature focused science curriculum that covered literacy as well the children learnt, engaged and understood more than the children in mainstream settings.

For many of us, it won’t come as a huge surprise. Wilded Family is built on the concept that children are naturally engaged with the outside world and guided by their developing senses. We have a range of tools rooted in nature. This cross curricular + tactile learning leads to happy and engaged children. That in turn leads in turn to life long learners.

The university tested a cross curricular approach. Combining science and literacy. It was a hit. The children engaged and learnt better across science, writing and reading.

Lead researcher Abigail Gray used to be a classroom teacher and said the concept was very simple and very intuitive for her, creating a curriculum around nature and animals that’s fun engages children and when they are engaged they pick up the language as well as the reading and writing.

Wilded Family Nature Literacy ABC Wheel

Helping children develop a love of science

Around the world, we know we have a skills shortage. There are not enough scientists or engineers (with my feminist hat on, we know there are even fewer female STEM professionals) but surprisingly there’s not much research on science. The Sainsburys report in the UK concluded that there simply wasn’t enough science instruction happening in schools. As a result, there isn’t a pipeline of students growing up with a love of – and an interest in – science.

So this research on an integrated approach is a great finding. Under the banner of literacy, which has lots of attention from policy makers and schools, we can also see amazing benefits and affects on the children’s development and engagement.

Ultimately because it’s fun, and children want to do things that are fun.

Child Playing with Wilded Family Product


Give them a piece of art about animals and a workbook, a notepaper set or a calendar and that’s what they want to tell you about bugs and leaves and colour: that’s how they build their listening, speaking and writing skills.

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