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Ascention day

Our guide to Ascention Day Ascentioin day is tomorrow, 26th May 2022. In the Christian belief, is the day that Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. It took place on the 40th day after his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  This annual celebration of Ascension has become the recognition of a bridge between earth and heaven, a […]

Twelve Senses: Dreams of Freedom

Rudolf Steiner’s Twelve Senses In traditional learning, only 5 senses are recognised: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Rudolf Steiner went further than this traditional thinking and considered humans had twelve senses. He divided them into three areas, the lower, middle and higher sense organs. The lower senses are those relating to the physical body;  […]

How to Make A Felt Doll

DIY Posable Felt Doll Equipment Felt Three or four colours (peach, brown and pink) Needle and thread Florists wire Instructions Cut two dress shape, one head shape and two hair shapes (one for the front – like a fringe and the other for the back). You can download the PDF cutting shapes here Cut a […]

Nature Literacy – Rethinking How We Teach Science

New research in nature literacy Researchers have found nature literacy based cross curricular study created better results in children in reading, writing and science. Presenting the children in different mainstream settings with an animal nature focused science curriculum that covered literacy as well the children learnt, engaged and understood more than the children in mainstream […]

Should we change the focus of early childhood education?

Right now, early childhood education is all about developing a child’s cognitive skills. But what if we changed the focus to fostering creativity and imagination instead? What if we encouraged children to be explorers and experimenters, instead of drilling them in academic concepts? Wouldn’t that make for a more interesting, fulfilling and fun-filled world? Opportunity […]

Our Guide to May Festivals

May Festivals Mother Earth has woken up, and life is bursting everywhere! We are surrounded by the energy of renewal and rebirth, transformation and healing. This season is full of some of our favourite festivals; especially the May Pole! By May Day the seeds are planted, the sun has gathered strength to warm the soil […]

Celebrating May Day!

Happy May Day, everyone! This month, we are celebrating May Day, one of the most enchanting times of the year. The flowers are blooming; the birds are singing and everything is so fresh and new. What a perfect time to enjoy nature and all its beauty! May Day in the seasons By May Day the […]