Handwriting, an endangered species in the digital world. Wilded Family’s use of writing paper.

Waldorf family writing paper and child working at a table.
Children writing on the Waldorf writing paper, rainbow spring notepaper set.
Child drawing on waldorf writing paper.
Gifts of pictures on paper and just as thoughtfilled and lovefilled as words!

We still explore the written word in art and signage, but our handwriting is slowly fading. Still, there are things that come with it that people find appealing – since paper letters are not quick to type up or file away, they call for strangers to write back, for a moment of our time as we hold in our hand something that someone else held in theirs. As antiquated as it might seem on a second glance, writing a letter is validating the idea of being important enough–to want another person’s company long enough–to write them one all on your own without an app ready at hand to help. (photo of Children writing on the Waldorf writing paper, rainbow spring notepaper set. )

Writing to ourselves

Mums, we all know how difficult it is to raise kids these days. There are just so many things that you have to do and sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself.  You’re taking care of the kids all day, then coming home with a ton of dishes in your sink and laundry piling up on top of your dresser.

You finally feel like you have a second to breathe when the youngest falls asleep but then there’s dinner prep, bathtime, bedtime routines…you never seem to stop moving!  I bet you don’t even remember what happened yesterday let alone this morning! All this churn can be overwhelming but one thing that will always bring me back into focus is my pen. I journal and have done since I was a young women. Its wonderful to see my daughters following that trend, and we even share a journal between us to exchange notes and thoughts.

Writing paper and candle light set up for mindful journalling
Mums often have hurried busy lives, journalling can help us slow down and process the day.

Connecting generations in a digital world; using waldorf writing paper

We all know how easy it is to get lost in our digital world. It’s so easy to scroll through your Facebook feed and forget the person sitting right next to you. Unfortunately, we often see this disconnection take place with our children as well. They are very much plugged into their phones and tablets these days. There is a lot of research that shows that children who have a strong connection with family members tend to do better in school, be more emotionally stable, and generally live happier lives. This connection can be fostered by writing letters.

Opposed to texting or even talking on the phone, letter writing allows the writer to have time to think about the content they are writing. One of the best features when it comes to writing a letter is being able to sit down and process your thoughts before actually putting pen to paper.

Example of journal pages

My parents generation grew up with no TV, my generation saw the birth of the internet and my children will have not known life without it. But we choose to live mostly tech free, my children are Waldorf children so thats no big surprise!

I think it’s a gift for my children to write to their grandparents, its good for schooling them in spelling and handwriting and yes it’s a fun English lesson when we write to pen pals. I created Waldorf writing paper, not only for writing to my parents but as another way for the children to connect to the seasons.

Each waldorf writing paper is illustrated with a different season and filled with the tiny details I loved as a child.

As a team of parents and educators with a passion for children’s creativity. We love to see kids learning the joys of writing and drawing by using their own imagination to explore new worlds! As a creative soul myself, I know how important it is to have a creative space in which to write. And while this may seem like a small thing, when your surroundings are uplifting and inspiring-the words flow much more freely!

Waldorf family write to grandparents on notepaper, writing paper.

Worth protecting and preserving.

So how do we connect with writing by hand in a digital world? Letters, cards, and hand-written on waldorf writing paper can be a thoughtful way to express your feelings. Writing a note will show the recipient that you thought of them specifically for this occasion. Putting effort into something shows the giver cares. These days it seems like everyone is too busy typing out emails and chats to take time to write by hand. But don’t let the romance of handwritten correspondence go extinct! Letter writing is an important skill–almost as old as language itself–and stamps are only $0.64 today according to USPS!

In the day and age where it’s difficult to be in touch with someone without a computer, writing letters seem like they need to be an endangered species. But nowadays, when receiving a hand-written letter, one feels so truly touched. In order to know what one person really wants to say about their lives and feelings- not just that text on a screen but something genuine from the heart – I feel a deep connection with handwriting, especially in our digital world. However superficial this may sound, I hope we may never lose our hands’ true power of creativity in losing its’ written words.

Letters are loving expressions.
receiving letters is still such a special gift. you can check out our Waldorf Writing Paper here in the store.