Getting to work with Summer!

work in summer

Planting a wish, visualisation.

I find visualisation really important. If I have a clear picture of where I am going it’s much easy to get there. Someone told me once you would set off driving on the motorway without knowing where you were going would you? Our life is just like that. The beginning of summer is a great time to focus on moving our spring plans to fruition. Bringing hopes, dreams and aspirations to life.  I use this ebb and flow of the year to bring focus to my actions. This is a fun seasonal way to work on that, the children can join in too.


Poppy seeds (or other), plant pot, magazines (or clippings to decorate), glue stick, scissors, varnish or PVA.

With your plant pot and magazines find some images of what you are working towards, it might be fitness, business or homemaking. Really visualise what your goal for this coming season is.

You can take a piece of paper and write your wish on it while visualizing your wish coming to life and growing if you prefer. Once your Plant pot is totally covered and you can see your goals you can cover the collage with varnish (if the pot will live outside) or PVA to harden (if the pot will live inside). After your pot is dry add soil and your seeds, water and wait. Now just as with our personal goals we have to tend that pot, watering making sure there is enough sun – as you are doing this each time you check on the plants bring to mind your goal. This becomes a great way to keep your targets in your mind.