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Whitsun -23rd May

Ten days after ascension we celebrate ‘White Sunday’ (so named because people were often baptised at this time and wore white at their baptism) WHITSUN or PENTECOST. This is the festival of Community, when the Disciples, gathered and all shared a common experience, a bonding together.  In the Waldorf celebration of this festival with children […]

12 of the best May activities

Throughout history cultures have employed rituals that reflect the patterns of nature and mark transitions for individuals or groups. All around the world in Waldorf schools the daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms infuse the life of the school. The purpose of each school´s festival life is to bring the community together and enrich the soul […]

Why do we celebrate May Day?

Tra La, it’s May, the lusty month of May That cheery month when everyone goes blissfully astray. It’s time to do a shocking thing or two. Those dreary vows that everyone takes, everyone breaks, Everyone makes divine mistakes! The lusty month of May.           ~ Queen Gwenevere sings in Camelot May Day, 1st of May […]