Bringing Nature Home

What goes on a Waldorf nature table? Where do you keep it? What about when the children bring the twelfth conker and twentieth feather back from the woods? The simple answer is that a nature table can be whatever you want it to be.  Simple or elaborate. The important bit is that however you do it your children will feel a wonderful connection between the outside and inside world: indirectly bringing awareness of the seasons just by having space in your home.

Tips to Set-up a nature table a home.

Tip #1 Make it a special place not used for anything else. For us this is a mantel piece: the children call it “mummy’s special shelf”.
On here goes our collection of seasonal items, forest treasure, handmade wonders, woolen fairies.

Tip #2 You can add a postcard, this can change almost every week to reflect what your are doing – harvesting apples, splashing in puddles, playing out or cozying up by the fire.

Tip #3 A coloured cloth. Some use a coloured cloth as a simple table centre piece but I love this shot of season colour on our nature table. It softens the edges and can be shaped into caves or ponds depending on what you are creating.

Tip #4 Natural finds. Every time the children give me one of those treasures it goes here. The wonderful part is that each turning of the wheel on or around the equinox we clean it out: it reminds me constantly to clear out what no longer serves us.